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25 Colleges That Offer Free Laptops or iPads for Online Students

1.Bethel University

Bethel University was created officially in 1847 in McLemoresville, Tennessee. They were originally known as Bethel Seminary. Though they are no longer a seminary, they have maintained their Christian foundation and values.

Now they have five campuses and extensive online programming, which is where the technology comes into play. The school’s laptop program offers every full-time student a free Chromebook with a touch screen. This is kind of like a laptop and iPad in one. Each student will be shipped their Chromebook directly, or they can opt to pick it up at the New Student Orientation before classes start.

All of the Chromebooks will be loaded with Moodle and Google Drive to make it easy for students to participate in coursework using their equipment. In addition, all of the machines will be stocked with the Microsoft Office 360 Suite. On staff is a capable IT team ready to offer support either to navigate the system or help problem solve issues like battery life or software updates.

2.Chatham University

Chatham University has been around since 1869 and ever since has learned to incorporate the cutting edge into their classrooms. Each student that enrolls pays a fee of $1,335 as part of their enrollment costs. Several things come out of that laptop program including a personal MacBook Air for each student and a four-year AppleCare warranty.

Participants will receive their new computer at their initial student orientation. Each learner will also receive 4 years of accidental damage protection through SafeWare, which includes theft protection as well. There is an on-site help desk where students can take their computers for servicing or questions. An extra exciting gift that comes with each computer is a Chatham logoed backpack where the laptops are able to be securely transported.

Because each student has the same technology, they are streamlined and incorporated into the coursework of most classes, and in a circumstance where classes need to be canceled, these personal computers make it easy to move class sessions to the online format.

3.College America

College America has five locations, all of which are in Colorado and Arizona, as well as their comprehensive online programming. Students can achieve associate’s degrees, bachelor’s, and masters online, on campus, or a blend between the two. Their degree programs are career-driven and accessible to a large population of learners.

On top of lab supplies, textbooks, and e-books, each student is given a laptop computer loaded with all of the software their course load requires. Included is extensive technical support to not only navigate issues that come up regarding the software and hardware but also to help students use their computers to the highest extent of the machines.

Students in the laptop program can keep their computers after graduation. Online students will use their laptops as a portal to all of their coursework, including attending virtual lectures, taking part in classroom discussions, completing class assignments, taking quizzes, and even submitting assignments.

4.Dakota State University

Dakota State University is located in South Dakota and offers a wide variety of classes that are delivered entirely online. Institutionally they believe in equal access to learning and technology, and as a result, each incoming freshman is provided with a free laptop for college.

The computer they are given is a T Series Fujitsu, which will be pre-configured with all of the installed licensed software students need to be successful at DSU. Each computer will have universal access to wired networks and secure wireless connections to be used throughout the campus. One of the goals DSU has for giving each student a laptop is to foster a greener and mostly paperless academic experience.

All of the faculty members incorporate use of this technology in their planning and delivery of curricula. The laptop program allows students to take notes using digital handwriting that will be directly added to the professor’s digital presentations, record audio in class, submit and receive class assignments, collaborate with students through a secure server, among many other possibilities.

5.Delaware State University

Delaware State University formed a partnership with Apple Computer in 2018, and the result is the provision of an iPad pro for students as well as faculty members. This is part of a digital learning initiative where DSU is hoping to make all classroom activities digital by this year.

They consider giving out this kind of technology an equity issue. In other words, lack of access to technology as a result of economic status can hinder a student’s ability to be successful in today’s tech-driven world. DSU’s laptop program wants to ensure that all students have the same resources in order to have equal access to success.

On top of iPad Pros, students in the Department of Mass communications will receive MacBook Pros that are capable of running advanced software for editing and imaging. In the first few weeks of classes IT support staff set up and gave out over 150 MacBooks and 1,000 iPad pros.


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