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25 Colleges That Offer Free Laptops or iPads for Online Students

6.Duke University Global Health Institute

Duke University Global Health Institute is a leader in public health education. They train their college students to synthesize research and education to act on the frontlines of remediating health disparities across the globe. A perk of participating in this program is the administration of a free iPad for students to use as a tool for field research.

The goal is to give college students everything they need to get the most out of their fieldwork experiences and allow them to truly focus on the people they are working with rather than fumble to take handwritten notes or find an online resource.

They began offering iPads for this very reason in 2010 and has since become part of a larger initiative to incorporate technology as an integral part of Duke’s campus-wide program, and of course beyond. The Duke Medical Center Library has been working with technology as well, and are hoping to innovate further in the next few years as they expand their digital reach.

7.Full Sail University

Full Sail University is located in Winter Park Florida, though many of their courses and programs can be completed entirely online. They have a unique partnership with Apple Computer that is called Project Launchbox, which was designed to ensure college students have the skills and technology they need to create portfolios that stand out.

What this means in practice is that each student is granted a MacBook Pro that is loaded with the software they need for their given program. Each Launchbox is specific to the program, so hardware and software varies a little bit accordingly.

For example, the Digital Cinematography LaunchBox comes with the tools to create award winning movies. In actuality, the technology granted through LaunchBox is not free, as each student is on the hook for a tech fee separate from tuition that is tailored to each program. The pricing for each package is variable and may change from semester to semester.

8.Independence University

Independence University is an entirely online institution for higher learning. They have a motto, we give you the tools for success, and that they do. Each student is not only given a free iPad, but also a free laptop for college coursework. Both of these expensive resources are provided to the student to keep beyond the completion of their program.

The tablet/ iPad is sent to each student during their first course module, which is within the first four weeks of study. The laptop will arrive at the start of the fourth module. The laptop will come fully stocked with all of the software college students need to be successful in their given program.

On top of this technology, all of the required textbooks will also be provided, as well as any additional equipment or supplies. Along with the technology comes stellar online technical support, ensuring that college students will never be stuck in a quandary related to their equipment.

9.Indiana State University

Indiana State University won the Sycamore Technology Award that is specifically geared toward their Pell Grant Eligible population. As a recipient of this award, they are able to give out free laptops for college students who qualify. Students must be enrolled full time in traditional programming at Indiana State University.

Every freshman who is incoming will be considered as far as receiving this award goes. In other words, students do not need to submit another application or additional paperwork as long as they are enrolled by July 15. If a student qualifies for the Sycamore Technology Award, that does not mean they are eligible for other forms of financial aid.

For any questions, students can contact the scholarship office for additional information about the laptop program. If a student withdraws from their program, the laptop must be returned within 30 days of their last day.

10.Johnson C. Smith University

Johnson C. Smith University is a Christian historically black university located in Charlotte, North Carolina. They have a long history of inclusive practices, including the belief that all students should have access to technology, especially in this increasingly tech driven world.

This shakes out in a few different ways on campus. Many students are eligible to receive a free iPad to use while enrolled at Johnson C. Smith. Each iPad is loaded with software that is beneficial to the required coursework given, and will play a big role in the technology-driven curricula. Students enrolled in their Metropolitan College will receive a free laptop at the start of the school year.

Every laptop is packed with software that supports learning and productivity. They all are equipped with a wireless and wired campus network, ensuring that internet connectivity will never be an issue.

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