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25 Colleges That Offer Free Laptops or iPads for Online Students

16.Southern Nazarene University

Southern Nazarene University is located slightly west of Oklahoma City on a 40 acre campus. They are a Christian libreral arts school that is committed to academic excellence. They employ these values by ensuring that all of their classes are up to date as far as technological advancement goes.

They require each student to have a free laptop to attend this university. They don’t believe in leaving anyone behind, so in order to enforce this policy, they offer a hugely discounted rate for students who do not have a modern laptop and need to purchase one. It’s like financial aid. Their Dell computers have the latest software that will be utilized in the coursework at Southern Nazarene.

They have a list of departments with their required software and systems on their website, ensuring that students who are studying in a given field have what they need to be professionals in the sphere for which they are working.

17.St. John’s University

St. John’s University is located in Queens, New York , but its imprint is much larger than their campus. Much of their goal is to give students the drive and resources to succeed in this technologically advanced world.

They offer free laptops for students who participate in their academic computing initiative. Students who opt to participate in this program are not only given the free laptop but extended free technical support and a warranty that lasts four years. All computers already have pre installed software that is relevant to coursework and class requirements.

The incentive to keep the free laptop is graduation. Another amazing aspect of this program is that students are allowed to choose the free laptop that they want between three options. Various departments have different recommendations for which computer is the most beneficial, however, most students choose the MacBook Pro. There is a tech fee associated with the gift, however, it is minimal compared to the cost of the computers.

18.Stevens-Henager College

Stevens-Henager College has several locations throughout Utah and Idaho. Their West Haven Campus is known for their extensive technical innovation. They offer every undergraduate student a free laptop computer that will be utilized in all of their coursework.

On top of making technology accessible to students, they also offer lab supplies, textbooks and extensive career services without additional costs. The computers are preinstalled with all of the necessary software and e-learning applications for students to participate in classroom discussions, access lectures, discussion boards, take quizzes and exams, and also complete and hand in assignments.

They also employ an e-book loaner program that allows students to access digital textbooks and devices that can be returned at the close of the semester. On campus, there are extensive resources for technical support, ensuring that free laptops will be repaired swiftly if need be, and students will be granted a loaner in the meantime.

19.University of Minnesota-Crookston

The University of Minnesota-Crookston offers a technically rich environment on and off their campus. One of the ways they apply technical inclusion and access is through their free laptop program. From day one, students are offered a free laptop to carry them through their education and beyond.

They utilize free laptops as essential classroom tools, ensuring that each student can access cyber simulations, video presentations, and tailored applications as an integral part of their coursework. Experiential learning is written all over this institution and this technology is employed to bring that vision forward.

It is noted that most employers view University of Minnesota students as immediate go-tos when they are on the hunt for creative and tech savvy employees. On a side note, they offer the same tuition rates for all of their students as a way to bring together a world class environment full of diversity.

20.Dakota State University

DSU has provided new laptops to full-time, first-year students since 2004. DSU configures these Fujitsu T Series laptops to accommodate DSU academic programs. The laptops include licensed software and provide access to secure campus networks. They also include replacement batteries and warranty protection. Students can access an on-campus helpdesk and laptop repair services.

Once DSU enrollees reach 59 credits, they can buy their laptops at market value or opt-out of the program. Learners who choose to use their own computers need comparable devices.

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