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25 Colleges That Offer Free Laptops or iPads for Online Students

21.Full Sail University

Full Sail gives enrollees an Apple MacBook Pro through Apple’s Project LaunchBox. Students pursuing software development, game development, or simulation and visualization degrees receive HP laptops. Specific software and hardware vary by program.

22.Moravian University

Moravian provides all incoming students with MacBook Pro laptops and iPads. IT staff help learners set up these devices. The MacBook features a pre-installed app that allows users to download software and access campus resources. Software options include Office 365, Adobe Creative Cloud, and signature Apple software.

AppleCare+ warranties cover hardware and software. However, accidental damage is not covered. Moravian’s IT help desk provides technical troubleshooting.

23.University of Minnesota Crookston

UMC has given laptops to on-campus students and faculty since 1993. The school provides 14-inch HP Elitebooks that can function in laptop or tablet mode.UMC’s Campus Notebook Program issues laptops to new and returning students at the start of each semester. Enrollees must return these university-owned laptops if they withdraw. Students who do not return these laptops incur fees for six weeks. They then receive a bill for the market value, plus late fees

24.Wake Forest University

Wake Forest enrollees can buy a discounted laptop through the WakeWare program.Financial aid recipients qualify for a technology grant that covers standard WakeWare laptop costs. Laptops include free academic software, including Office 365 and Adobe Creative Cloud. These laptops also feature extended four-year warranties and insurance, including accidental damage protection.

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