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Top 20 Online MBA Programs in UAE and Dubai

1. York St. John University MBA in Dubai

With campuses based in the UK, York St John University provides its courses in the UAE through partnerships. Partnered with Lincoln University of Business & Management (LUMB), it offers six online MBA programs. Additionally, the 180-year-old institute also offers a top-up MBA through LUBM. A superb option for students aspiring to live in the UK. The WES-listed university also boasts a fantastic international alumni network. Overall, YSJ is a great choice for those looking to amp up their careers with a UK-accredited degree.

2.University of Dubai MBA

University of Dubai offers four specialized MBA programs and also a general MBA. Additionally, the university has earned prestigious AACSB international accreditation, a distinction only 5% of business schools worldwide have managed to achieve. Ideal for students who also work, it is typically completed in 12–15 months. It also offers a blended model of learning. This means that students with jobs can study full-time and part-time. The modules themselves cater to complementary careers. That aside, the institution is also qualified to award the CIM and CIPS certifications in the UK.

3.Geneva Business School MBA in Dubai

Ranked in the World’s top 100 business schools,

Geneva Business School is a Swiss-based business school. The prestigious institution ranks 52nd and is famous for cultivating reliable industry leaders. It also boasts the distinction of ranking second among business schools in Switzerland. It has partnered with LUBM to offer its online MBA programs in Dubai. This allows students based in the UAE to access a high-quality, accredited MBA. GBS offers 10 distinct online MBAs in Dubai through LUBM. The instructors are exceptionally qualified and have created excellent courses.

4.Hult International Business School MBA in Dubai

It is beloved and renowned in the local academic scene for its exceptional online MBA programs. Hult International Business School is famous for its talented faculty. The programs offered here account for the time limitations of working professionals. Thus, they are fairly flexible in their timelines. Students can become graduates within a year and a half to two years. The institute also offers summer intake courses. Apart from this accommodation, it provides four-day weekend sessions every month.

5.Lincoln University of Business and Management MBA in Dubai

If there’s a way to describe LUBM, it would be an ‘exceptional online education provider’. The Lincoln University of Business and Management is a trusted source for online degrees and diplomas. This is because it has partnered with exceptional business schools worldwide to offer accredited courses. As a result, it provides fast-tracked MBAs from ranked universities and offers a wide array of MBA programs.

It is considered an excellent stepping stone for those looking to boost their careers. An elite source of online MBA programs, its courses tend to focus on skills and theory with real-world implications. The programs have well-designed modules taught by outstanding faculty. Its popularity also stems from how convenient getting an MBA becomes through LUBM. Blended modules, ease of access due to digital learning, and robust EMI payment plans add to this.

Students typically study at their own pace and enjoy the diverse international classrooms, building strong global industry connections.


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