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Top 20 Online MBA Programs in UAE and Dubai

11.Anglia Ruskin University MBA in Dubai

Often referred to as one’s “ticket to the business world,” Anglia Ruskin University offers highly flexible programs. When we mean flexible, we’re talking about its full-time and part-time options. Additionally, we also mean that you can blend onsite and digital learning. ARU’s online MBA programs have been designed to be customizable and meet individual needs. Apart from business, its talented professors aim to leave students with crucial real-life managerial skills.

12.Imperial School of Management MBA in Dubai

The Imperial School of Management caters to working students in Dubai with their carefully crafted online MBAs. Its globally recognized programs offer stalwart academic support and easy learning. Its modules impart the necessary theoretical knowledge and vital skills for the modern workforce. Notably, it takes approximately 12 months to complete.

13.University of Leicester MBA in Dubai

The University of Leicester’s extraordinarily supple digital learning system has elevated it amongst online MBA providers. This UK-based school has grown to become an internationally respected business school. Although its exhaustive modules can be challenging, it trains graduates to hit the ground running professionally. This is particularly true for managerial skills. However, the truest recommendation for the institute is its customizable courses. Students are empowered to schedule classes at their convenience. Therefore, students already part of the workforce are especially attracted to it. Graduates typically complete the programs in 24–30 months.

14.University of Northampton MBA in Dubai

The University of Northhampton is an exceptional institute for online MBA programs. Its courses cover a vast range of business domains, including out-of-the-box ones like criminal justice. A unique feature of this university is its placement facilities. Another attractive component is the scholarships it offers.

15.Manchester Business School MBA in Dubai

Ever catered to student comfort, Manchester Business School provides learners with outstanding access to resources. For instance, students can scroll through a carefully compiled list of digital sources to learn from. The institute offers its 2-year program in partnership with the trusted Middle East International Center. The course is fully customizable. A noteworthy facet of its online MBA program is that graduates can opt for face-to-face support in Dubai if needed.


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