What is PHP? How To Learn PHP?

Friends, as you know, how fast everything is moving in the world, and with this new technology is also coming, and programming or coding is used in all those technologies. In the same way, today we are going to give you complete information about what is PHP today.

Learning web development can be made simpler if you know how to use PHP. It’s a very easy language to pick up and there are many great video tutorials on YouTube that can help you get started. With the right guidance, even a novice can become an adept at web development with PHP in no time!

Contrary to popular belief, having a degree in computer science is not essential to become a web developer. As long as you have knowledge and your work can speak for itself, there is no need for employers to focus on degrees. Companies will look at the quality of your work above all else. Nowadays, it’s becoming much easier to find a good job without having a degree to back you up. You can find multiple companies that are willing to hire people based on their skills and experience, even if they don’t have an educational background.

If you’ve come here to find out what PHP is, you probably already have some understanding of coding and programming. If not, don’t worry – check out the link below for a quick introduction to coding basics.

To create software, apps or websites, we need to be proficient in coding and programming – which requires a working knowledge of several programming languages. Knowing these languages is essential for making any type of software.

PHP is a widely-used language in web development. It is used to build websites and apps, so we have written this article to provide comprehensive information about PHP. Make sure you read it carefully so that you don’t miss out on anything!

A key step in launching your blogging journey is creating your own website. For this, you need a basic understanding of PHP which can help you in achieving success as a blogger. So, if you want to be successful in the blogging world, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with PHP. So let us tell you further, complete information about PHP.

With the wide variety of languages available for web development, PHP is among those used to create sites like Facebook. Let’s explore what PHP is and learn about the inner workings of these sites by delving into Hindi based web programming language.

What is PHP? (What is PHP in Hindi)

PHP stands for Hypertext Processor, which is a free scripting language for web development. It was created in 1994 by Rasmus Lerdorf with the intention of making web development easier and more efficient. This language has been an incredible tool for web developers since its release.

PHP is an incredibly straightforward language to learn, making it ideal for any newcomers to coding. It has the added advantage of being easily integrated with HTML or popular database languages, making it a great choice for software development.

PHP is an open source Scripting Language, making it available cost-free. Its simplicity is its greatest asset as it allows users to quickly understand and pick up the language. Additionally, its broad application range coupled with the free My SQL Database Host make it a great choice.

Ruby on Rails offers an extra advantage of data encryption & decryption. Unlike HTML and JavaScript, its source code is not visible in any browser, making it a very secure language for applications.

A great advantage of PHP is that its syntax is relatively straightforward – even if you don’t have a background in coding, you can get the hang of it quickly. For those who are already familiar with C and Java, learning PHP should not be too challenging.

PHP is a special language specifically designed to develop “Dynamic websites”. When users request a page from the browser, this code sends them all the necessary information.

The php code you write is processed quickly within the php module in the web server and subsequently converted into HTML output. This output is then displayed in your web browser.

Uses of PHP?

  • Many databases are used with PHP like MySQL, SQL, Oracle, PostegreSQL etc.
  • PHP is used in Web Application.
  • Cookies are set and accessed.
  • Many frameworks work for PHP.
  • PHP provides privacy to its pages.
  • The code of one PHP is included in the code of another PHP.
  • The code of one PHP is included in the code of another PHP.
  • The value of a webpage’s variable from session can be accessed on any webpage.
  • Files are opened, closed, read and written in PHP.
  • Files or emails are sent to someone.

PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor and is the go-to language for developing dynamic webpages. In the past, this technology was referred to as Personal Home Page. Nowadays, it has gained immense popularity in creating interactive websites and applications.

If you have a decent understanding of HTML & CSS, then learning PHP should be relatively easy. Knowledge of these two languages is essential to understand the fundamentals of PHP. Additionally, having knowledge in these areas will help you become a more rounded coder.

If you have to work on PHP then you should also know about Database Management System.

PHP is known for its wide selection of Core Libraries, totaling over 1000. These libraries can be utilized to address specific needs and offer a range of options.

There are more useful functions, which have been defined to easily meet different types of real life needs.

Being fluent in the Core Library Functions of PHP is integral to becoming a proficient PHP Programmer. The better you understand and use these functions, the more successful you will be as a developer.

PHP is a very simple and General Purpose Scripting Language, which is about 70% “C” Language and the remaining 30% is like “C++” and “Java” Programming Language. So if you know one or more programming languages from “C”, “C++” and “Java”, then you can easily learn PHP and create Dynamic Website or Web Application using it. Can.

What can be made with PHP?

  • CMS
  • Dynamic website
  • Static website
  • Web-based software
  • desktop applications
  • WordPress Plugin
  • WordPress Themes

In recent times, PHP is the most popular scripting language used on the web. So if you want to understand these Frameworks too well, then you can understand these Frameworks better only in that case, when you have a good knowledge of Core PHP.

The popular websites given below are built on PHP.

  • facebook
  • Wikipedia
  • Tumblr
  • WordPress
  • Canva
  • freelance

Microsoft’s IIS Web Server is the 2nd most used web server after PHP. Being designed & developed by Microsoft, this web server is highly suitable with their Server Side Scripting Language ASP.Net. Further, VB & C# .Net languages are also used to support ASP.Net in providing exceptional performance on IIS Web Server.

PHP can be learned in various ways. Free online tutorials and videos are available to help you learn this language easily. For those interested in learning PHP, there are many websites and YouTube channels that they can refer to get a comprehensive knowledge of the subject. Let us tell you a list of some such websites.


There’s also a wealth of free classes on YouTube that can teach you the basics of PHP. You can save money and gain valuable knowledge with some simple research.

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