What is Chat GPT? Can it replace Google?

The concept of CHAT GPT has been buzzing around lately, and everyone is curious to understand its purpose. To help clear the air, let’s dive into what it is and how it works. Google won’t be ending anytime soon, so don’t worry!

With the emergence of ChatGPT, many investors are apprehensive about investing in new tech stocks. Will this tool be greater than Google one day, or is it just another search engine? Share your ideas and opinions with us.

Launch date30 Nov 2022
FounderSam Altman, Elon Musk, Ilya Sutskever
CEOSam Altman

What is Chat GPT?

Chat GPT, or Generative Pretrained Transformer, is an advanced AI technology that allows you to easily complete various tasks. This AI-powered chatbot offers a range of tools and features to make working easier and more efficient.

This AI tool is more than just a Google search – it can answer any questions you have in a comprehensible and concise way. Not only does it save you time by providing quick responses, but the quality of its answers are top-notch.

ChatGPT is much more than a chatbot or even a search engine, as it’s capable of completing complex tasks in just minutes or seconds that could take hours to complete on Google. This speaks volumes about its potential and the advancements in artificial intelligence.

The use of AI will require teachers to learn how to become meta-teachers, which necessitates proper training. Moreover, the type of work needed to train and enhance machines will also alter with the utilization of softwares like Chat GPT.

If you choose to use an AI writing assistant for news scripts, be aware that grammar errors and fact-checking errors can occur. It’s important to take the time to review the content before submission.

ChatGPT Full Form-

ChatGPT- Generative Pretrained Transformer (Generative Pretrained Transformer)

Chat GPT History

In 2015, Sam Altman and Elon Musk joined forces to create OpenAI, which has since brought us the impressive ChatGPT AI software. This innovative technology has revolutionized how we access information since its conception by the two tech pioneers.

Initially, this organization was created with social welfare and service in mind, but over time it has evolved into a profitable enterprise.

In 2015, Elon Musk initiated a new enterprise with various other investors to foster human progress through the advancement of modern digital intelligence.

Twitter’s CEO took a step away from OpenAI after becoming aware of the company accessing its database for training purposes. Subsequently, he removed his name from the organization and no longer has any involvement with it.

Open AI has developed ChatGPT and also added a selection of cost-free AI applications to their website for users to benefit from.

How to use ChatGPT?

Chat GPT is accessible on any mobile or laptop device – simply visit chat.openai.com to get started. Once you land on the page, you’ll be presented with two options: Login and Sign Up – click Sign Up to proceed.

In order to set up your account, you will need an email address and phone number. Once you have those details, simply fill out the relevant fields to complete your registration.

After you’ve set up your account, you can ask any questions to the chatbot and it’ll answer with a helpful response thanks to its AI-powered GPT system.

What is the difference between Chat GPT and Google?

Chat GPT doesn’t search the web for answers; instead, it stores responses as data. That’s why you always get up-to-date information when you use it. It is different than a typical Google search where results could be outdated.

Chat GPT is a great example of how powerful AI can be. Its potential uses are vast and its implementation could have a huge impact on the world in the near future.

In order to use Chat GPT, you need an internet connection. However, this valuable tool does not search the web for answers; it’s powered by the data that you input into it.

Google is one of the main sources of information for millions of people around the globe. On any given day, 8.5 billion searches are conducted on Google and 99 thousand occur every second. The average person will perform 3 or 4 queries within a 24 hour period.

Another downside to ChatGPT is that it has a limit on how many replies it can generate. In comparison, Google provides more choices when you want something specific in the same category.

Different types of information can be found on the internet, such as articles, website links, news pieces, photos and videos. For a search engine to become an alternative to Google it will need to be comprehensive and have access to various sources in order to provide accurate results.

Will ChatGPT kill Google?

It’s a bit of a tricky question and the answer is both yes and no! Google is a search engine that indexes webpages and numerous other sources from the World Wide Web, helping you with your information needs.

While searching on Google gives you a lot of relevant links to explore, ChatGPT is even more advanced and can make searching even easier.

By searching here, you don’t need to go through the hassle of trawling through tons of links- this search engine brings up only the relevant information directly. It doesn’t search the internet, but instead provides data collected by itself.

Google can provide you with templates for a leave application, but ChatGPT can do more. It will generate many different applications based on your request to give you more options when asking for time off.

Google and ChatGPT have different approaches for their tasks. While the latter has the capability to give competition to Google in terms of question-answering, there is no other search engine that can provide the same level of service than Google overall.

With time, ChatGPT will start to absorb your search patterns and have a stronger recollection of past information. This enables it to understand you better over time.

By tracking your questions & answers, as well as your behavior & interest, ChatGPT will become even smarter over time. Ultimately providing you with higher quality answers to every query you may have.

Does it cost money to ask questions on ChatGPT?

Currently, using this platform is completely free. However, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman has mentioned that to cover the money spent on its development, it will be necessary to charge a fee at some point in the future.


So, to summarize, we’ve discussed the basics of ChatGPT today and explored how it can be helpful for users. We’ve looked at several useful features of this tool which can prove beneficial in your everyday tasks.

I’m sure you’ve gotten a lot out of this post and now you can pass it on to your friends. Make sure they know about Chat GPT – sharing knowledge is the best way to spread awareness.

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